Courtenay Carrion Crown

From the eyes of Lupino "session 10"

Ghost in the machine1

Tensions build as we crawl down a short secret passage, I can taste the anxiety of the other. I am starting to think they realize they could end up being permanent residents. Blood soaks the walls in this final cell block, the smell of cold dead metallic blood puts mothers hair on end, our names start to appear on the walls and fear builds as letter after letter forms.

I have had it, flames jet forth from my fingers scorching and boiling away the blood mages magic. I smile briefly feeling smug just before the cells start to cave in, I duck under a stone ledge Hmmm maybe that was a little too aggressive. The sound of claws can be herd as a swarm of rats appear before the old dead mage appears and starts to blast us with arcane magics, the others hit him with all the deadliest tools we took from the secret vault. As I see how little affect we are having I dig out the spell book and grit my teeth as I tear a handful of pages from his book, I hear his screams just before a volley of magic missiles hits me. I scramble to duck through a door way taking shelter as I heal myself, the others keep up the assault buying me a few more seconds as I show the ghostly mage his book as I tear another handful of pages from it. He screams and disappears and I inspect the damaged book and the few remaining spells, im not sure who that hurt more after all.

We return to the wardens wife and ask her a few last questions before we show her the trinket from her husbands body. Thanking us she fades and we take a moment to breathe before starting to plan our excite. I carefully gather up her remains along with the remains of her husband, she requested that they be buried together on a hill but I feel its best to hand it over to the locals to carry out that final wish. I pause a moment and think it maybe good to have an ally on the other side of the vale but how best to contact her, no one sees as I pocket a small finger bone from Visorianna skeleton. We walk to town triumphant but tired and worn out, a short stop at the church of pharasma then off to a warm bed.



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