Courtenay Carrion Crown

From the eyes of Lupino "session 11"

Gypsy wagon group

I awake in the morning to the sounds of cheers and drinking, it appears the other are enjoying a heroes welcome. I yawn and stretch before getting out of bed, I gather my things and repack my bag before leaping out the back window and floating to the ground. I pick my way through town and head towards Professors manor, now that the threat is over I want to study those books in more detail away from the preying eyes of the others.

I leave the manor twice, once to gather a scroll and once more with a few of the other to return the remaining items we did not use to the false crypt. I revel in the near 20days of uninterrupted study and rest, but before too long it is time to head to Lepidstat to carry out the final wish of the old man. I suggest to the group to secure good mounts, this journey will pass through the mountains and walking it does not appeal to me. As we gather I get a few sideways glance as I stand without a horse, I smile and call forth a stead from shadow and ash. I grin and climb on top of the horse and our journey begins.

We travel for several days before coming across I band of gypsys wagons, I adopt a quick disguise of a innocent looking farm girl and we advance. The others are a little shocked but they don’t understand the enemies I have mad in the past, better to be safe they burned alive. These are not the scarzni I feared but they are the strangest lot I have ever seen, some of their heads where 1/3 the size it should be a hairy little feral wolf child running around, a bearded women. The group seems to be upset I see several crying and the cheerful laughter and play of the children in absent. The paladin strolls up to a man who stands out as a leader, he tells us one of their member is missing she went chasing the sounds of someone in distress. She has not been seen and no one ran after to aid her, I cant help but think this is an outstanding group of cowards but he offers a magic dagger as reward.

We push off into the woods and it soon turns into a marsh, a cry sounds out and we head in the direction then it sounds behind us. A massive spider jumps through the barrier between worlds and bites me hard, I feel its poison rush through my blood and before I can defend myself a second blow sends me into the black.

I stand up and brush the sand from my robes, its warm and dark and as I look around I can see worlds circling the small chunk of floating dirt I am standing on. A figure appears in the distance standing on nothing as I begins to walk towards me, all I can make out is long dark hair and red skin… just as this world fades a pair of eyes fixate on me, one yellow one brown.

I call out circle and fight back to back!, as a wave of positive energy washes through me. I gasp for air and struggle to breath as the big spider keeps jumping in and out of reality. It takes like what seems forever but finally we deal it enough little hits to take it down, not far we find a cache of bodies. We return to the camp and give the bad news. After delivering our reward he informs us they are performers and traveling to Lepidstat as well, as they have no real fighter to defend the group he asks us if we would travel along with them.

I keep to myself and watch the other interact with the gypsys, the women seem to get along well enough but I have no interest in these people but I do enjoy not having to ride for a few days. They stop to perform here and there and I feel best to stay hidden away, I don’t mix with small towns so well.



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