Courtenay Carrion Crown

From the eyes of Lupino "session 12"

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At last we arrive at Lepidstadt, another day with these gypsys and I will lose my mind. I would just as soon burn this flee bag of a child to cinders as tolerate his scratching and sniffling one more night, I don’t care if mother finds him amusing she is bond to me as my servant not the other way. I should have ridden ahead and avoided the cities I hope this group distracted anyone form noticing me, I need to get away from them before we enter the city.

Goodbyes are brief and before long we are riding ahead to enter the city, it easy to find our way to the judges manor. I have only been to this city once before but it has not changed, it may have spread a bit further but the core of old cities never changes. Here I enjoy the privacy of being one of the faceless masses, no one cares who you are or where your going. Everyone avoids eye contact and does their best to ignore everyone ells, I could get used to this place.

The judge takes the chest of books, I fight the urge to ask about others but it most likely best if she dosnt know I have read them let alone spent half a month studying them. After paying us what was promised she offers up more, it appears the beast has been caught and although it is no innocence she believe that it is not guilty of the crimes it is charged off. I wonder if she has truly thought of the outcome if it is found guilty, or I could just be anxious about being put in the spot light in front of an angry mob.

We meet with the beast and its idiot defender, it appears the beast is intelligent and sentient. Strange usually golems are created for a purpose and do nothing that could be compared to thinking, my curiosity grows even more as we learn of the beasts charges. The evidence is weak and should take very little to disprove or at least call the witnesses tales into doubt.

The first charge is the murder and disappearance of some people, the beast gives us little information so we ride out to the disgusting little mud ball. Never have I seen so many inbred ignorant fools, it takes us less then half a day to have sufficient evidence. How can these people not think about and be aware of the dangers in there own environment, I bet the still leave offerings to the wildlings ever time an infant sneezes.

We arrive back In Ledidstadt in time to present what we had found, the paladin comes in handy as she sways the judges and even some of the spectators. The mood just goes further to show this as the fraud it is, weather or not the beast is found guilty its doomed, if not by the verdict of guilt then it will be by a horde of angry towns people with pitch forks and torches. I laugh to as I ponder the scene of him crushing townfolk as they try and burn him.



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