Courtenay Carrion Crown

From the eyes of Lupino "session 13"


Our next “lead” sends us to three sister, old crones almost hags. Disgusting old creatures they care nothing for the truth and more about being in view of all the city for 5 minutes, I bet they still hope to land a husband. Narcy does his best but they are more interested in him then the truth, even if they are wrong they feel like the beast should burn. Stupid old bitches mother snickers if only they new where they where headed, I can only imagine but then again maybe I have already had a glimpse.

I ponder what the beast said as we ride out to the abandoned town, the corn fields have run rampant and its slow cutting our way through. If the beast made friend with a child maybe we need to start treating him as a child, is his mind just starting to develop or has he always been this way. Was he created to learn, or is this the reproduce of a miscalculation in the formulas and spells used to create him.

We find empty house after empty house, and then just as it seems we are alone a ghostly child trys to lure us into the cornfield where rusty traps are waiting. We dispatch the little wraith but it lacks the multiple eyes the beast had described. We continue to search looking for this hole the beasts little friend crawled into before dying, but its going to take all night with this damn corn.



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