Courtenay Carrion Crown

From the eyes of Lupino "session 6"


The local lawmen are more inept then I fear, and us taking on the job to solve the problems of late has led them believe I give two coppers about their daily problems. Shortly after I awake and am enjoying breakfast with my companions a deputy burst into the Outward Inn to inform us someone has tossed more blood on the old memorial to the prison guards. I really do fail to see how petty vandalism is any concern of ours but I follow the rest, mother laughs and snickers as a few of the others seem to lose their appetites at the mention of blood.

I glance around the area at the memorial and after a few moments we discovers something beyond the obvious “S” written on the memorial, I take a pause and recall that the “splatter man” man used to spell his victims names in blood. I chuckle this clearly dosnt cut down the number of targets being as I travel with three S’s. I stay to the middle of the pack as we follow a discreet trail of blood droplets, and there at the end is a dead dog. I pause and sigh, its not even human blood and the locals are freaked out how pathetic.

The little druid picks up another trail, she seems to be a lot more useful then I first thought. She is wise and clever in the wilds despite her size, Mother agrees but still wont trust her big cat. I can see a man working in the field and I recognize him from the mob that didn’t want the professor buried, what a bastard if he is the dog killer and vandal….. I start planning curses to ruin an old fool. I tip too quietly and confidently up to the front of the house and just on the side of the rail I am shocked to discover a bloody war razor and a flask that was filled with blood, either he is an idiot or something isn’t right here. My nerves are perfectly calm and flat as I open his door and duck inside followed by the druid and rogue, the inside is nothing more then a simple hovel and here I was hoping for a blood soaked alter to some dark god or the void. mother notes my disappointment and I creep out of the place, I am well clear when I her a squeak and the man working in the field turns is attention on us. Fine since the cover is blown I confront him and press the cocky old bastard about the items, between his history as a fighter and knowing the grunts are bread to be strong and loyal not smart I quickly dismiss him as a suspect. I turn around after walking away a short distance and warn him to move closer to town, not out of any obligation I feel towards him but if he is now or later become possessed I would really rather not have to kill him.

I am becoming more comfortable with a few of the more harmless haunts, but I still feel as if something is breathing down my neck in this place. I can smell burning flesh in my mind and mother is on edge as we enter the infirmary. As we gather whats left of suppliers in here a spirit starts to hurl items at us, the miserable thing in intangible and I know we are going to need magic to harm it. I quickly whisper a plan to the half orc and we lure it into a small room where his divine gifts do minor harm to it before the paladin smites the damn thing with one of the undead bane arrows we found.

Everything that was used on the inmates here seems to have some life of its own now, I light up a pair of straight jackets with my magic before the damn things chokes me out. I grumble as I am revived, this is the second time I owe my life to these people. Narcy makes short work of the locks this time, well short work only in the sense the her manages to open this time. In a storage room behind a secret door I am delighted when we find a stash of items that belong to the most notorious, at least I breath a sigh of relief now if we can only figure out how to use theses against their former owners and settle this place down again.

I smile flipping through an old spell book finding spell I will teach to mother to draw on later when it the ledger I see my name appear in blood before vanishing, I snap the book closed and try to put it out of my mind. Shivera has been playing a pipe all the while and I look up in time to witness her playing like mad before someone tackles her. Blood can been seen running a line down from her ears, and I start t wonder if these are going to cause more harm then good.

In the upper floors we discover cells and the body of Father charlatan bond with many chains, leg irons and heavy iron balls. We untie the chains as his ghostly for appears, I rack my brain trying to figure out how to force his spirit to move on but every attempt fails. I grow more annoyed as the light starts to fade and night creeps up on us.



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