Courtenay Carrion Crown

From the eyes of Lupino "session 8"

Starburst sunset through kilchurn castle ruins loch awe

Someone suggests checking on Kendra and Lackmar wishes to go the church so I take the opportunity to retire to the professors library to consult with Mother on a new spell, she sits in my lap as I stare into her eyes. I feel the world shift and a rush as the cosmos surround me, I walk with her through a field on a distant plane we pace around a massive stone and she shows me where the secrets to this spell lie on its surface. There are so many marks it takes me what seems like hours to find the right set of marks as I trace the symbol over and over until its burned into my memory.

The door opens and everything swirls and spins as the library comes back into focus, the Elf stands at the door watching us. I don’t move a an inch as I try to claw back through the portal to the place I just was, after a moment or two Shivera withdraws and as the door clicks closed a sigh in aggravation and pet the tiny wolf sitting in my lap.

I stumble across an entry in a book and it reveals all I care to know about the final inmate, his wife was his first kill. Why would the concentrate the worst criminals in Ustalav here?, there must be a reason other the convenience. Damn these old countries and there secrets, paranoia and repeated changes in leadership have made tracking history almost impossible when its something they didn’t want known.

I watch Kendras slender fingers handle the cards of the harrow deck as she runs through an all to familiar performance, I take my turn and draw my card. Before I even turn it over mother is laughing at me, the card reads “The Idiot” and she cackles and tells me to let that serve as a reminder that I play with powers beyond my grasp. I am amazed at how many cards fall to important positions, Kendra is indeed a skilled diviner and her news is as good as any harrow reading could be.

I love sunsets, I hope this isn’t the last one I see. Chatter is minimal as we march towards the prison, this walk seems longer everyday we come up here. They ask what happened the day before when I fainted I suppose and I am informed that the fathers ghost has not been since I awoken, I wonder if they ask out of concern for themselves or my on well being. Nothing has changed and we make for the hole in the training yard, the climb looks like it should be simple enough and we are all shocked as we watch Narcy tumble into the darkness. Shivera fallows with similar results and I hesitate, two green glowing half burnt ghosts emerge from the water and close in. I drop down into the hole and am rewarded with a rending blow, I hex the thing and use some of my power to mend the Elf as I crawl to safety.

The darkness and oppressing force is staggering down here, and the restless dead wander the falls. We fight our way down to the oubliette and are confronted by the loppers ghost, it brutally assaults us and only the hand axe Shiver has seems to have any affect. Olivia’s fire magic seems to have no affect and as I use my power to enlarge the elf I draw an arrow from her quiver and throw it to Narcy.

We are exhausted and the darkness and cold stone are closing in on us, we head back to the Outward in with a few more items in our collection. I grit my teeth as we march and favor my injured leg, I can still feel the burning pain caused by the headless flaming skeleton. Shivera has been speaking to the others I can tell, they don’t trust me although I feel they want too. I will protect them as long as they stay in line, and if they don’t well lets just hope they do Mother chimes in.



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