Courtenay Carrion Crown

From the eyes of Lupino "session 9"


My stomach growls and mother snickers as the tavern wench brings us a rather limited dinner, really I think nothing off it and wander to my room to sleep. Its been a long day and night and I need rest if I am going to create any new spells, I have spent many days paying little attention to the others and only half committing to conversations as I go over the theory of spells step by step with mother.

The morning is uneventful finally they let me sleep, Narcy slips a head into my room as I unlock the last bits of information I need. I am sure he will talk to Shivera, I wonder how they will react when they realize what I am. The steps creak one by one as I make my way down to eat, the sound fades out as voices become louder then the steps. I can here them talking about the land turning, cows giving sour milk eggs rotten as soon as they are laid. I am starting to suspect someone with talents similar to mine is behind this, blighting a land is no small task but certainly within the scope of power of a small coven of even the weakest witches.

The group ties a rope ladder this time and make our way to the lower levels, other then the usual slamming of doors our way down is unhindered. The first floor seems somehow less hazy, but I venture to guess that it is simply we have been noticed now. I dare not hope that we are making progress, spirits have a nasty habit of returning if not dealt with properly.

I set up the spirit board, tracing out a large circle and marking down a pattern of protection symbols. At last I see a use for this trinket, with possible passages and no real leads. Maybe the board will attract a weaker spirit that will be less able to evade my question. I request Narcy to join in the circle and take Lakmars place although he refuses, I grow suspicious of his fear of magic and the unknown I will have to test him later and see how deep his fear runs.

No sooner then a heartbeat after I have asked my question the big HalfOrc drops to the ground convulsing and twitching, Mother laughs and questions his faith and willpower I cant help but question it myself. As a few of his companions attend to him I contemplate the names of the two passage, reapers row and the nevermore. Knowing the severity of both men’s crimes I conclude they would not house two dangerous men in the same wing and decide that splatter man was most likely held in the wing called the nevermore. Both where murderers but magic users seem to catch a harsher punishment whenever the law can make an example of them. Fear is a powerful motive and the peasants do fear those with arcane power, yet love those with divine gifts. I almost laugh aloud as I contemplate this for a moment, power given is less frightening then power gained through study, patience and hard work. I suggest we head down reapers hold and get little arguments from the rest, Lakmar does not seem to be shaken he is tough I will give him that.

I get a glance through the door of a small guard room, three skulls dance around attacking as a body on the floor animates. Its easy to recognize the marauders ghost, the dwarfs corpse drops back to the floor soon after rising as the last of the small skulls is destroyed. I grin glad I didn’t have to waste any spells on such a minor mad spirit. Perhaps Pharasma will take a piece from his skull to fill the void missing in his wives, right before she casts his soul into hell.

I approach the wardens body, describing how he was killed and tortured to the others as I examine him close looking for what Visorianna asked for. If we can get her a symbol of his station maybe she can weaken the last of the ghouls. Just as soon as I have found it his skeletal hands animate and attack me, sharp claws tear at me chocking me preventing me from casting a spell. They are short lived and quickly beaten down, I am truly starting to hate this place.

Quickly we cleaned out the armoury, no sense in not getting paid for this job.



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