Courtenay Carrion Crown

Memory of a deviant Session 8

So I happen to catch Lupino keeping a journal. How dare he, if something happen, only his point of view will be known. Does he think we are not good enough? Never mind that, if Lupino keep a journal, so will I.


Haaaa Kendra. She is as acurate than beautiful when it come to Tarot. The foreign merchant is very acurate as of the nature of my exchange busyness with others. Then came the divination and as always Kendra slip in this universe of knowledge and look through us, through me. I felt bare when she looked at me as if there was no barrier, no mask. I got distracted by her eyes and the corner of her lips, looking softly tempting but the intensity of her stare took me by surprize. I remember her as a child, so innocent. There was no innocence at that moment, she know too much to stay the professor little girl anymore.

The townfolk are warming up to us, especially the ladies. They probably herd of my little exploits and want to try first hand. Anyway, dont know if there is much time for that. we have a goal and this goal is the prison. We are also running out of time. We need to press on and I think everyone realize that.

As we get back to the jail, i feel this aura swallowing us as if we are cut from the rest of the world. Even the animals know better than staying in this place, excepty for the tiger of course who is stupid enough to follow the druid. I’m not much better, i’m following the last will of a dead man.

As we enter the ruins, i try to take my mind of the task at hand by watching the rear end of the elf. As she push forward I can’t help but notice how strong her legs are. She does carry herself pretty good despite what await us.

As we get to another part of the jail, we confront a skeletton with no head. It was kinda funny to watch until Lupino get almost hack in half by a single swing. As the battle continued, more of us got wounded badly.

As we push further we encounter a wight or a wraith. Not sure which as i was to busy to avoid being hit than listening to the cleric. My weapon was just not drawing any blood from that thing. Than someone threw an arrow for me telling me to use it. Don’t know what it was but it worked. Between me and the fighter we took it down. We took care of another of the infamous five but at a price. We all half dead and exhausted. I guess its time to go back in town and lick our wound or let someone elso do it for you.



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