Standing just over 5 and a half feet tall with dark hair and eyes Lupino is sleek and lean after spending his life running and living in the wilds surrounding many small towns and villages, He wears dark clothes painted with white ash forming ancient symbols of arcane power. When in towns he has a habit of pulling half his hood over half his face to hide his one yellow eye, Although he shaves and takes care of his clothing and equipment Lupino cares little for public appearance. He has learned over the years his appearance can be unsettling to some but uses this to his advantage in his limited dealings with townsfolk.
Lupino wears a mace and a dagger but carries little ells in the way of equipment, nature has provided him with everything he has needed so far and anything other then the most basic clothing he sees as a frivolous comfort.


Lupino tends to be very quite, he prefers to watch and wait to act then to be the first to strike. He isn’t quick to anger and generally avoids conflict with people, he dosnt fully understand life in a town and has no real urge to settle into a home. His life in the gypsy band has left him with a somewhat distrusting outlook on life with people, he isn’t malicious but he can be cruel in the manner that nature tends to be a result of his time in the wild. He takes what he wants and is very independent, but his curiosity of people and mysteries will often get the better of him and put him in dangerous situations. Lupino comes off as withdrawn and uninterested in the world around him but most people seem to be thankful of that and are happy to leave him alone.


Lupino is always accompanied by a small wolf, not a wolf cub but an unnaturally small full grown wolf. It is grey and black and appears as any other wolf, other then its size its only notable feature is it has one dark eye in stark contrast to its natural yellow eye.


Born as an ill omen during a terrible storm on the year of a famine Lupino was abandoned in the woods just outside the wall of his parents tiny farm house, fortunately a scarzni woman happen to be near the farmhouse looking for food to steal and took pity on the babe and took him instead. He grew up living with the travelling band for the next 9 years learning the old myths and stories of the time of heroes and the whispering tyrant but upon his name day was ultimately rejected as an outsider of the tight nit gypsy band and denied the right to become a member of the family, even though he has always been welcome with the group it was hard to stay knowing he would never truly be accepted by them. Lupino spent the next 8 years wandering between villages doing the odd bit of work for the supplies he needed to survive the winter learning minor trades and mundane labours. Two winters past on a dark night he was attacked by a lycanthrope he fought back savagely but was no match for the unnatural creature, as he lay dieing the good doctor happened across him and with out hesitation healed his wounds and further treated the infection raging in his body. The doctor managed to create an elixir that ultimately saved Lupino from the curse that afflicted his attacker he did not walk away with out his scars and a single eye remained yellow and wild as a wolfs a permanent reminder of that terrible night. Over the next few months as Lupino rested and recovered the doctor took an interest In him and taught him about alchemy and some of the mysteries of this world and beyond. As the winter lifted Lupino took his leave and headed back out into the wild where a tiny wolf found him first in his dream then eventually near a small river on the night of a full moon, after a time they came comfortable together and have been inseparable ever since.


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