Narcys is wearing clothes of black and yellow color, with a rapier at his side. He have long black hair and brown almost golden eyes.


Narcys like to keep is appearance at his best. He is very mindfull of how poeple will perceive him. He is very layback and possess this charming nonchalance. Being child of the city, he is very comfortable in a crowd.

Narcys attitude is like the wind, very soft, always dreaming of the future ahead and unable to stay in one place. Narcys simply always change his mind and always left things half way done, except when it is time to settle a score.

He feel very comfortable in relationship with other although he feel trap when there is a need for commitment.


Narcys is a child of the temple… Callistria temple that is as his mother is a sacred prostitute. Narcys embrace this fact with pride knowing that despite the fact that he have numerous half brother and sister, he is one of the favorite of the temple. At a very young age Narcys have been taugh the values of the church and well… loved it. His mother was a personal teacher in several “arts” of the church.

At 12, Narcys became an initiate of the temple however, his lack of divine link with the Deity called for change of trade. There is many ways to serve Lady Callistria and Narcys became quite good at spying against the enemy of the church. After all, if one’s knows how to retribute from any offences, it have to be the church of Callistria. The initiate training did not all go to waste as Narcys became quite familiar in using magical items of the church.

In Narcys eyes, law is nothing if it protect those who wronged. In that sense, if someone wronged another, punishment need to be done by any mean nescessary. Narcys is quite vindictive in giving back but also understand the importance that vengeance have to be of equal impact than the crime commited.

These days, you can find Narcys in any good tavern, whispering to the ears of youg women about all the teaching of Callistria church.


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