Courtenay Carrion Crown

From the eyes of Lupino "session 5"

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The outward inn gifts us with free room and board, I smile as I think back and realize I have yet to pay for anything anyways but I can appreciate a gift even if they washed my clothes. I will wait until I move on to re-inscribe my clothing, to much time will be spent at it but practice is never a bad thing mother cant help but chime in. I gather my thoughts over our morning meal and speak openly “I need to research how to defeat haunts and ghosts, physical attacks will often have little affect but if we can find an item that is keeping them fettered and in this realm. Well destroying that will often weaken of destroy the spirit. I am glad as the group agrees and the half orc accompanies his expertise in religion may provide more fruitful answers then mine.

I find my thoughts divided as Lackmar and myself study, the other set out to learn about the town and the members of the leadership. I hope they find nothing sinister as it my prove to make things very complicated, but I would be impressed. I am learning Senor has a silver tongue, im sure if anything is amiss she will find it. mothers thoughts enter my own warning me not to trust in others until they prove themselves, I bite my tongue I don’t want to fight right now.

The paladin and druid fill us in one the travels and reputations of the council members, a few things stand out but nothing definitive enough to take action on. A bit of dread drifts into my thoughts as we plan to return to the prison, I prepare my self for the oppressive feeling that lingers there.

Everything seems to be going well when we stumble into a freezing spot, I guess aloud that not only was this a theater but inmates where judged here. I have never felt such cold, we press on but what hides behind the locked door haunts my thoughts im sure its something important. Senore opens a door and enters a boiler room, before half of us have entered the great metal beast roars and lashes at her with a flaming tongue like whip I scramble to pull her out before we loose her.

An almost guiding force pulls us toward the old prison temple, the feeling of the haunted spirits fades here but a trio of giant spiders attacks us. They are easily overcome and I am glad to have more venom to trade for other useful items, everyone wants the dangerous stuff but no one wants to seek it.

So far the haunts have been more annoying then powerful with exception to ember maw the giant possessed boiler, we open a door and find a skeleton just as a ghost emerges from the pile of old sewing. I am a bit taken with her as she explains who she is Visorianna was the wardens wife and was locked in this room just before the fir, I pity her and admire the charge she has taken. She tells us many robed people killed the professor and she has taken up her husbands duty since these visitors did something to her late husbands ghost. I take her warning to heart and her plea she wishes us to destroy the 5 powerful spirits that are gaining in power, after they are dispatched she feels she can handle the rest. I agree without thinking and mother growls in my ear, foolish cub she taunts. I know she is right but this is what I was looking for a chance to cut my teeth and gain some real power.

I feel like a coward as we march back to town for rest and supplies to make a deeper delve into Harrowstone.

From the eyes of Lupino "session 4"


I grumble as I change at Kendra’s damn those bony bastards scratch hard I don’t remember blacking out but I am told Shivera pulled me from the waters saving me from drowning I will have to remember to repay her somehow Mother thinks I should leave and go back home its to dangerous but I want to learn more here.

We head off in the middle of the night first to the outward inn, I smile smugly as I show the patrons the skulls from the restless dead. I feel ashamed I was not the first to think of it but we use this as a reason to wake the town and meet the local councilors, the Father, and the sheriff. I feel the fool parading around town distributing Acolytes to accompany the local lawmen but I act the part of concerned heroes, if someone dies tonight will it make us to be larger heroes imagine what the looses could have been had we not acted as quickly as we did Mother agrees no matter the outcome we may gain a bit of fame from this we may even be able to use this to gain access to the information I have been seeking.

I awake in the common room of the outward inn once again, my back hurts terribly from sleeping the chain once again. If I am going to keep living indoors I am going to have to get used to a bed and a room, I hate rooms they always make me recall my time with the “them”. I am surprised at how quickly its taken for our actions and names to spread through town, and mother laughs as we are told we are invited to a town meeting and we will be granted access to town and temple records. Its sad how little it takes to gain these fools rust, but I do not doubt they will turn on us in a second if anything goes wrong.

I delightfully spend most of the day researching reveling in the archives of the temple of Pharasma, but as my stomach starts to complain and Mothers nagging becomes louder I take what I have learned of two of the 5 famous prisoners and head to the inn. I will miss the peace and solitude but the time of the meeting is rapidly approaching. I can smell the herbs and dried items in the apothecaries shop before I even open the door, The proprietor is a shroud woman and I can tell by the look in her eye she thinks she got the better of me. If only she new what I planed to use the acid for, venom will do me little good against the creatures in the prison if it is indeed as haunted as I fear.

The meeting hall is crowded and noisy and I fight to keep my composure I want to run and be outside, gods the smell is awful. It not a very well run or constructive meeting, the people demand things to be done and the council hires the professors friends. This will allow some more trust and maybe we can get some answers from the locals and figure out if the whispering way does indeed have a plant in town. As the meeting is near to its end a pair of flaming skulls burst through the read window, the lanterns explode spreading their fire and we struggle to heard the cattle, I mean towns people out. I care little for the building as it burns and do what I can to tend the injured first.

From the eyes of Lupino "session 3"


Sylvia wakes the house due to a bad dream, more then likely being this close to the professor and having to live indoors has unsettled her but after what I saw today with the wagon tracks perhaps there is something more at work. I am confident my runes would hold back any spirits from following but there could be something more powerful at work, I will need to consult a few books to be sure. Lackmar and Narcy enter the house after searching around the manor they where attacked by a zombie, fearing what the village may have to say about it we toss the destroyed undead body into the river.

We head back to the prison and enter the old ruined building, we jump as the door first door slams shut after a few of us have entered. Haunted angry faces warp and distort the wood as it leans and pushes towards us. After a short time the haunt subsides and the door reopens. I can feel the anger and hatred here but none of the confusion that usually accompanies haunts, they all new they where going to die.

I am impressed as the group stays focused searching the accounting offices and other such clerk rooms, It nice that so much has been preserved we will have much to study later. I start to flip through the papers as Narcy trys to open a massive safe in the wardens office, after some time her declares he is unable to open it and we will need to find a key perhaps I can get some acid in town that my aid his efforts I make a note to see the apothecary later.

Evening falls quickly and I work over the assortment of runes in my head I pour the fresh out in a large circle and sit at the center with the spirit board, I pull out the marker and instruct the others who wish to join me. I have not done this before but I am not unfamiliar with the technique, this is dangerous but I don’t let the doubt show as I form a circle and ask my question. The marker on the board slowly pulls it self to “no” as I ask if the spirits are being held against their will, I can feel the power fade but I ask another question anyways and as I guessed the marker dose not move.

The walk back to town goes by quickly and within moments of entering the outward inn I am leafing through papers, after many hours I turn up nothing. I drown my disappointment with a drink and fall asleep in my chair, I don’t dream tonight and wake in the dinning room early in the morning. Mother sits in my lap staring at me as I collect my thoughts and prepare my spells for the day.

A trio of younger girls are playing a skip rope game while singing a song about the bloody man and something to do with names. I pay little attention to the words but ask them where they learned it, they seem to understand little of its meaning and sign it because there parents and older children do its origins could prove useful much history is passed down through song even if the singers don’t know it.

The acolyte at the temple still refuses to let me see the Father of the church, I tell the cocky little pup I can wait and sit down and wait calmly. Mother hates churches she refuses to come in and sits around the back, I can sense her sniffing the air looking for the father she is smart and will alert me if anyone trys to sneak out. Dusk comes and we are asked to leave as the church is closing, I grit my teeth and fight using my magics on this man I am sure his faith is weaker then my skill but if something went wrong there would be no recover or explanation, we leave and the walk to the inn is long.

We are not sitting around the table at the inn long before we here whispering of a zombie attack in the night and a missing child from the Polleck farm. I don’t recall discussing it but before long we are out at the farm asking how we can aid the family, Sylvia has her big cat pick up the trail and we follow it across 5 farms finally we arrive at a big pen. Hoping the gate all I can smell is pig shit but there is only one place the child could be, I stick my head into the little wood house and call for the child the greedy little boy has been suckling from a fat sow and we take him back to his parents. I contain my laughter as the gnome asks for a lamb as payment for feeding the child, I can sense the tigers excitement and mother licks her lips, I can tell she wants to go and hunt as well.

I jump into the ice cold water to wash the muck off my robes before going back to Kendra’s manor, moments into washing my cloths off I can feel claws at my feet as a group of skeletons emerge. The other here fight well and its not long and all we have is dust and bone, quickly I examine the bones for signs of necromancy magics but find non of the usually signs.

From the eyes of Lupino "session 2"

Tint7 1

Its early when we walk into town after Narcy‘s little scare in the graveyard it appears the professor was infact not destined to rise and walk the country side, I don’t know what the half breed saw but it seems to have rattled his nerves. We pass the church on the way the streets are quite but people are starting to emerge to their daily routine, a few of the late professors friends talk to the locals, they treat us as I suspected but they do let slip someone splashed blood on the memorial to the dead guards of Harrowstone. I cant think of an magics that would involve such a display but I will need to research more.

The half orc comes with me as we try to enter the church library, luckily the followers of Pharasma keep detailed records of births and deaths and what ever bit of information about the persons life. Speaking to the acolyte do not go well, and I cant help but grin as we leave if I am slighted by him again I will curse him and we will see who has the last laugh the smug bastard. The other learn a bit of the past it seems just before the fire and riots at Harrowstone they took in five notorious and dangerous prisoners I will need to read more into this.

Narcy plans to return to city hall with me perhaps I can be more persuasive with the clerk then the rest, if not I know just a spell for the occasion if not. The towns people where right and blood has been splashed on the stone memorial, nothing about it stands out more then likely its just some older kids trying to scare the younger or perhaps impress a girl. Mother talks over someone as they explain the professor was reported missing and then found at Harrowstone 2 days later his head crushed, Mother wants me to look at the items we took from the false tomb more closely.

Narcy distracts the clerk at town halls as I work my craft, he is as week willed as I thought and within minutes I have full access and a research hand at my beck and call, it takes a bit less then an hour but I discover the know names of the 5 famous fiends imprisoned. There names are of course charming in only the way lowbrow peasants could find but non the less it should make further research easier. Mothers ears perk on our way out of town and I witness a pair of wagon tracks appear and then vanish in the middle of town, I wonder if its been a hundred since since the last appearance of the black carriage.

We walk to Harrowstone in the late afternoon, I feign interested in the small talk of the others but I am already planning the best circle of protection for the spirit board these can have old and angry spirits attached to them, I feel its better to leave that part out when I ask others to join in later. We enter through the gates and approach a small manor house I can smell the age of the burnt stone within but not much ells, the wardens manor starts to collapse as we explore the old building finding nothing more then crumbling stone and rotting timbers. We walk around the inner walls and find where the professor died, there is something queer about the placement and weather on the stone I don’t sense any magic but its been to long for anything other then the most powerful of magics to linger. Around the base of the mason work runes have been inscribed it’s a form of magic I am unfamiliar with but I can sense the necromancy and abjuration radiating from them, my best guess would be they are for binding or confining a spirit with in prison.

From the eyes of Lupino
adventure log.


I don’t know how the letter found me, I hate it when outsiders sniff around my den Mother dosnt like the smell of the letter, I read it. Travelling this time of year is easy but I take the passing of the professor harder then I thought, I didn’t know him long but aside from being a powerful mage he is wise and kind. Not many in these parts would take in and help a stray especially a stray that had just been attack by a warewolf, but he was like that and after saving me he treated my curse. I try to explain to Mother as we walk towards Ravengrow but she dosnt fully understand, she thinks I shouldn’t go the wild is where we belong she refuses to enter the town at first. I walk into town alone as Mother wanders the outskirts of town, run she tells me to avoid this place but I dismiss it she is just feeding my own thoughts back to me I hate towns to many smells to many people I pull my heavy cloak over my robes as the first villager gives me a strange look. I forget the symbols I paint on my robes to protect me will give away my source of power, that reminds me I need to return the books I took from the professor. Of course mother dosnt approve, she thinks I am stronger and by the right of the pack I can take what I want she dosnt understand I stole them from a trusting fool I called friend.

Kendra is there to meet me, I have never met her but she smell like the professor ink and parchment, grief and tears. Shes pretty despite looking so sad I know why the professor kept her from me now, I wonder what she would think of me if she knew I stole her fathers books on summoning. I take her hand its warm and soft and I can see ink around her nails, mothers thoughts enter my own she dosnt like this girl she wants me to leave now to run and rejoin her. There are 6 other people there they look odd, I smile as I think that “odd” what does that even mean anymore after what I have done and seen.

I quietly study the others, I have never seen a gnome before she smells as wild as I do and is shadowed by a large mountain cat, no its stripped she must be from the south tigers don’t like the cold this far north I will have to remember to exploit that if I can. I am not surprised the professor new a half orc, I would have though him a savage but all I can smell is booze I fight laughing as mother mocks the half orc a drunk dedicated to a mercenary god “orcs are fools“ she taunts. There are a pair of rogue types aswell a elf and a half elf, I wonder if they know each other and ponder their ages, could they be related? No they don’t know each other they both smell of steel and leather but nothing ells is similar. I study the last of the six and I can feel mothers presence closing quickly, a changeling! I listen as the changeling explains how she knows the professor and mother is close enough to smell her now, I can here mothers thoughts screaming to me “no good can come form knowing this one, run before you get pulled into the fates”, I ignore her suppressing her thoughts I know she is going to be mad at me later for this but I cant concentrate when she does this.

I speak briefly of how I met the man, then stand quietly as the rest finish. Kendra asks us to help carry him to his final resting place, as I pick up the coffin I cant help but question the weight trying to recall how big the professor was. I can smell the death as we walk through the graveyard, I can feel the unrest here too this town has many secrets I wonder if anyone ells can sense this. There is a group of towns people here they are scared and angry, I listen as they tell me the professor was a necromancer and then don’t want him to rest beside there kin, Mother tells me this is what happens when I get mixed up in town I start to call forth the words off a spell the burn the fools but dismiss it quickly as the others calm the towns people.

We rest the man gently into the ground before watching Kendra toss in a hand of dirt, I silently prey to Pharasma to judge him then threaten she will have to deal with me if she dose not. Kendra asks us to come back to the manor to hear the reading of the will, there is an older man with a military air about him here now too. I listen to the last of the priests words then turn to follow the others, I can feel mothers eyes on me but she is silent and out of sight for now.

I pick the key up off the table as Kendra retrieves a chest the older man talked about, I am grateful the professor thought of my but money is almost an insult he knew I care nothing for it and prized his library and the knowledge it would offer to a braver soul then he. I unlock the small chest and break the seal on a folded letter, my eyes are already appraising the books within as I read the words. His letter speaks of the whispering way and ghosts that haunt Harrowstone, I know why he had them send for me now I cant help but grin of course Harrowstone is haunted all such places are along with temples churches and dozens of abandoned places in this country side. I fight back my excitement as I read the names of the books within, so much dark power and history in them I would kill for anyone of these books but I know I wont have too when the time comes I will gorge on the knowledge within with no one being any the wiser to it. Its suggested by the others we talk to people in town and try and find out what we can, the professor must have been asking around before he went up to the old jail. We will find out what he was up too in the morning, after we find this hidden crypt. I find my way to the library and replace the books I stole early in the year, and then borrow a few new books. After everyone has gone to sleep I make entries in my book and sketch the other named in the will. Mother scolds me as I try to fall asleep, I give her the chair and sleep on the floor to apologize but I know she isn’t really mad. I hate sleeping inside its too warm and too stuffy I think of the gentle chill of the night as I fall sleep on the wood floor, I dream of cold burnt stone and a gentle voice calling me.

When I wake I know what I must use the spirit board for now, but I don’t know if the others will go along with it. I will have to be careful in this town after yesterday, they don’t like outsiders but I will hide behind the changeling she is good at dealing with these people and is kinda, I hope I don’t need to sacrifice her to the mob for me to get away.

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