Courtenay Carrion Crown

Memory of a deviant sessions 10


after shedding blood and much much effort on my part we lifted the curse. We finally did it. I envy Lupino as his magical power turned out to be pretty handy. I sometime wonder if i should have stayed to the tower to learn more about magic. Naaa, I had to much fun. But something feel off about lupino. He his too secretive to have nothing to hide. I better keep an eye on him. I dont think he is gonna betray us but he may cause problem depending on what he is hiding. I just hope he is not a necromancer, that would be very troublesome.

As we come back triumphant, i can see that the hold of the splatterman was finally over. The villager seems to be more at ease and i can see an opportunity to taste the more exotic fruit of the tavern. We still have 20 days left here and i have the intention spending every one of them preaching my goddess ways… and spy on the others. I just dont trust them. The elf may be the only one that i could trust if she really is preaching Callistria. Lupino know too much on the whispering way to be “respectable” although i would suspect him to be more powerful if he was one of them. The priest will follow us until he ran out of ale and when he does, he may just leave us to die. The pally may actually be a barbarian in disgise and I dont like the way the tiger look at me when I pretend to sleep.

Regardless of with who im traveling, I have to think at our next move. It is very possible that the way infiltrated the University. We will have to be careful with our cargo. Damn old fool, why did you die?



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